Funding Programs For Our Indian Clients

We can provide Personal and All Kind Of Business Loans with Our Secured and Unsecured Loan/Funding Programs.

Our Funding Programs:-
1. Secured Funding Program
    Requesting Loan Amount= From Rs. 100,000 To Unlimited
    Interest Rate= 10% To 11.50% Per Annum
    Loan Duration/Terms= 10 To 15 Years

2. Unsecured Funding Program
    Requesting Loan Amount= From Rs. 100,000 To 5 Crore
    Interest Rate= 14% To 21% Per Annum
    Loan Duration/Terms= 1 To 4 Years.

For Pre-Qualification you need to have at least one of the following below:-
1. Your Credit/Cibil Score should be at least 600 or above.
2. If you have loan, your loan cheque bounce should not be more than 2 times in a current year. 

If you believe that you are pre-qualified and want to get the loan/fund or still have some inquiries then reach us directly over Call/WhatsApp: +975-17358759 Or Email us at Or Directly Email Our CEO/Founder at

If you are rejected, we can help you improve your current situation in FREE and make your loan approve with us in future.

The list of businesses we accept for business loan:-
1. Trader
2. Logistic 
3. Transport 
4. Health 
5. Wellness 
6. Wholesale 
7. Retailer
and more. (Almost any kind of businesses)