Service Name: BMMD (Business Marketing, Management & Development) (2 Hours in a week is provided excluding Non Billable Hours/Happy Hours)
Products & Services Rate/ Fees
A.    Technical Support:-
1. Hosting, Creating, Developing & Managing of business website
2. (Free) Creating, Managing & Developing Social Media Accounts and Pages
Nu. 2,400/$40 per year for Hosting Website.
Nu.12,600/$210 (One- Time) for Creating, Developing, Managing of business website
B.     Promotion, Branding & Marketing:-
1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
*Website Marketing
2. Social Media Marketing
*Marketing in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter & LinkedIn
3. Digital Marketing
*Creating & Marketing Animation Videos
*Creating & Marketing Official Videos
*Creating & Marketing Digital Posters and Banners
4. Network Marketing (Free)
*Peer To Peer Promotion, Branding & Marketing
The Fees Depend upon what and how many targeted clients you are looking for per month for Basic & Advanced SEO

The Fees Depend upon what and how many targeted clients you are looking for per month for per month for Basic & Advanced Social Media Marketing

Nu. 15,000/$250 (When needed/required) for Digital Marketing

C.     Management of Business:-
*Provide Administrative Roles such as Human Resources, Staff Management and Managing Data
Nu. 10,000/$167 per month for Management of Business
D.    Development of Business:-
1. Business Layout Decoration in infrastructure and environment from customer’s point of view
2. Training for Customer Relationship Management-CRM in Communicating Professionally, Professional Dress-code and Body Language, Time Management, Professional Presentation Personalities, Professional Discipline for Staff To Owner, Owner To Staff, Staff To Clients & Staff To Staff
3. Consulting To The Owner in Personal Life Management, Finance Management, Time Management, Business Management, Health & Fitness and Training to handle any kind of situations.
Nu. 10, 000/$167 per month for Development of Business