Hi everyone, I am Sandeep Rai Chamling, CEO & Founder of SUD’ BA Finance Solutions, Bhutan which is based in Wangdigatshel (Ramitay) in a city called Phuentsholing in a country called Bhutan, collaborated with our National and International business partners.

It is very obvious that everyone need some finance to survive in this world. Without any finance no one can able to walk and run in respective life. I am a human being too so I understand what is like to be no one or someone without any money to eat, sleep and breath. Forget about the luxury life, even we won’t be able to have basic needs of our lives if we don’t have any finance.

I know that it is very hard to get business and personal loans these days and it is harder to modify mortgage or save home from foreclosure or bankruptcy when we fall behind on the mortgage payments and get the merchant payment gateway for our businesses to sell our products and services. The most important, it is harder to get any legit company or person who can provide the required financial services as mentioned above. In this new world, people are not legit and they don’t do any legit business, they are just there to rip off your money, they make high false promises and play with our hopes but they don’t provide according to what they promise.

I discovered a way to provide those financial services as mentioned above by creating my own company and now SUD’ BA Finance Solutions, Bhutan provide all those financial services with the help of our funding sources/partners and law firms & legal attorneys and banks/financial institutes which are located within my country Bhutan and international countries. SUD’ BA Finance Solutions, Bhutan knows what is best for you according to your requirements and your hardship. We know which of our sources/partners are best for your need and we know what documentations are needed to get what you need whether it is for loans or save home from foreclosure or get a merchant payment gateway for your online businesses. The most important, you are not being scammed because SUD’ BA Finance Solutions, Bhutan is in this market since 2015 and we like to grow more to help everyone who need our financial services.

SUD’ BA Finance Solutions, Bhutan is easily differentiated from the fraud people/company by the management and services provided to our valued customers. We provide our services within national and international countries.

With SUD’ BA Finance Solutions, Bhutan you can get what you are looking for because we use our time and right logic to give what you need without wasting your precious time.

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God Bless,

Sandeep Rai Chamling
CEO & Founder
SUD’ BA Finance Solutions, Bhutan
Email: chamling@sfsbhutan.com
Direct Line/Whatsapp: +975-17358759 (Bhutan Number)
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