Our Funding Programs are for our valued clients of US & Canada.
Don’t predict your approval and qualification, that’s our job. We see so many factors because we want you to get fund. You might not get approve for business funding but you might be approve for personal funding or something else or vice versa so talk with us first and let us understand your current situation so we can provide you with right funding program and services.

Based on our general pre-qualifying guidelines, your business can be pre-qualified for our Category A, B & C Funding Programs which are:-

  1. Category A:

These programs are all about your income or cash flow in your business and to qualify for these programs you need to have 5 or more deposits minimum of $7500 in your business bank statement of the recent month. Your business will be approve for the fund from $10K to $10M.

  1. Category B:

These programs are all about your 3 credit reports/ credit score, we don’t care whether your business is new or star-up business/want to start new business or for personal use. To pre-qualify you need to have minimum 680 FICO and you can get approve for the fund from $10K to $500K.

  1. Category C:

These final programs are all about cash advance so to qualify you need to have minimum $4000 as your gross credit/debit card sales volume in a month, if you have it then you can get the fund from $10K to $2M.

According to Category A, B & C, these are our funding programs for your business:-

Funding Options What It Is Documents Required Maximum Amount Maximum Terms Repayments Cost
SBA LOAN A Loan for the purchase of fixed assets 2 years business and 1 personal tax returns, business financials such as P&L and balance sheet


$10,000,000.00 25 Years Monthly 4.65% Monthly
SECURED LOAN A Loan secured by collateral such as real estate, vehicles, equipment or inventory 2 years business and 1 year personal tax returns, interim financials and 6 months business bank statement $5,000,000.00 15 Years Monthly 5.99% to 12.49% Monthly
BRIDGE LOAN A Loan that supplements the closing of another Specific bridge loan application with questionnaire and a commitment letter $1,000,000.00 1 Month- 24 Months Monthly/Weekly 6% to 9% annually
HARD MONEY LOAN A case by case hedge fund backed loan based on collateral 2 years business and personal tax returns, debt worksheet and 3 months business bank statement $10,000,000.00 10 Years Monthly 8% to 12% annually
LINE OF CREDIT A flexible unsecured credit line with a cap and set term 12 months of recent  bank and credit card processing statements, complete 3 Credit reports, 1 year tax return or loans exceeding $50,000.00 $500,000.00 18 Months Daily, Weekly, Monthly 1.99% to 15% annually
EQUIPMENT LEASING To lease a piece of equipment or vehicle with the option to buy upon completion Specific application, full specification sheet including asking price of the piece of equipment


$1,000,000.00 10 Years Monthly 4.5% to 12% annually
UNSECURED LOAN A Loan based on business performance and a personal guarantee only 6 months of Recent bank and credit card processing statements. 1 year tax return for loans exceeding $50,000.00 $2,000,000.00 24 Months Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly 15% to 35% annually
MERCHANT CASH ADVANCE A cash advance based on credit card future receivables 6 months of recent credit card processing statements, 6 months of recent bank statements $2,000,000.00 24 Months Daily, Weekly Factor Rate of 1.10 to 1.40
INVOICE FACTORING A cash advance based on outstanding accounts receivable invoices Signed application, accounts receivable report and an  aging summary $500,000.00 90 Days Monthly 1.5% per 30 days

To check and get your complete credit reports just visit this website- www.creditchecktotal.com

2. Our Mortgage Modification Programs are only for our valued Home Owners of US.

(A) Attorney Assisted Modification Program

Got a complex problem? Lender Fraud – self-employed – lots of income from rental income – no payment for years – very large loan balance – getting the run around from your lender – need to stop a sale date – been denied – we can offer the correct law service to match your problem.

Note a modification application can stop a foreclosure. – Let’s talk. We accept credit cards.

Modifications are based on your ability to pay now.  Therefore having problems with lower income may qualify you for a lower payment for the next 40 years.  Note bad credit is not  a problem.

3% and 4.2% are becoming common with a term of 40 years. 2nd loans and a credit loan on the home can be modified and if there is no equity the balance may be reduced by 85%.

  • SUD’ BA Finance Solutions, Bhutan Modification Team has a staff of financial consultants that will offer you a wide range of options that are best for you.
  • The Federal HAMP program ended January 1, 2017, and is being replaced by the FLEX program, and may open some additional avenues for both loan modification and principal balance reductions. Call for details.
  • We have a staff of financial consultants that will offer you a wide range of options that are best for you.
  • There is no pressure to acquire our services ever.
  • We are friendly – low key, we are the good guys.
  • We are not judgemental, problems are just part of life, another adventure.

We know that there is nothing worse than being worried and uninformed, so we made it our mission to create a system that is robust and secured to best server your needs.

24/7 Attorney Case Tracking System

Only SUD’ BA Finance Solutions, Bhutan offers 24/7 secured attorney case tracking system. And every time we make updates to the status of your file, you are automatically emailed.

(B) DO-IT-YOURSELF Mortgage Modification Program

You can buy a proven and acknowledged Do-It-Yourself Mortgage Modification Program E-Book by our Modification Officers which will help you to understand your current status and guide you to modify your mortgage yourself without anyone’s help. This is recommended for those US Home Owners who can’t afford to buy the attorney fees to modify mortgage on behalf of you. The cost of our E-Book is $499 Only.

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